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Desalination Research & Innovation Consortium (DRINC)


What Is DRINC? 

Energy efficient desalination, achieved through technological innovation, can substantially improve American water security and resiliency.  The Desalination Research & Innovation Consortium (DRINC), a consortium of national labs, universities, and industry, has the innovation, technical expertise, and management experience to address the nation’s water security needs.

Key Technical Challenges and Opportunities
DRINC has identified many critical barriers that limit cost-effective use of desalination for both seawater and non-traditional water sources. Our approach to the key challenges and opportunities can be grouped into four topic areas:


Materials R&D creates advanced membranes, sorbents, catalysts, electrodes, and surfaces that enhance process performance and extend equipment lifetime. DRINC materials R&D develops materials with enhanced permeance, thermal conductivity, durability, and other desired properties.

2.pngNew Process R&D develops novel processes and system designs that lower the cost and energy requirements of desalination. These technologies encompass novel configurations of membrane, thermal, and electrochemical processes, and span needs ranging from brackish water to high-salinity brines.
3.pngModeling and Simulation Tools are needed to capture complex interactions between water, solutes, surfaces, desalination processes, and system performance.
4.pngIntegrated Data, and Analysis establish and maintain the analytical framework for DRINC research. The team sets aggressive, yet achievable, pipe-parity goals for DRINC, informs the R&D portfolio, and tracks progress toward Hub-wide goals.

DRINC was founded by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Ames Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory. DRINC partners include university, industrial, and government researchers willing to conceive, design, and evaluate the next generation of clean water technologies. Visit our Leadership, Experts and In the News pages to learn more about their recent accomplishments.

For more information, or to become a DRINC affiliate, Contact Us.




The Desalination Research & Innovation Consortium (DRINC) website was developed by Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in partnership with Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Ames Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). DRINC is a consortium of INL, ANL, Ames Laboratory and LLNL.